Vision Plan for the City

Think of a “what if” game.   What if you could design our city for the future? What if you could determine the approaches to be used to run the city, establish priorities and outline just what is important to residents who make this their home.  Please take our survey under “HOME” to tell the Association what you think. It is a pretty wonderful little City, but if we want to protect it and even make it better, what would you do going forward ?  What ideas do you have to maintain St. Augustine as a livable city that embraces its history and culture?

The Vision Process gives us an opportunity to provide input on what is important to residents and to provide our ideas about just what we would like to see in the future for our City.   Whether it is building on ideas already in place or coming up with new ideas, it is an opportunity for residents to participate.  

In 1995 the City went through a Vision Process.  It is time to update that process and  evaluate where we think St. Augustine is today.  Is is a time to determine what we think  is working and what could be improved?  Everything around us changes all of the time.  How do you want St. Augustine to adjust to those changes.   This is our opportunity to help shape the future of the City.


St. Augustine Community Vision Statement From the 1995 Vision:

St. Augustine, as the nations’ oldest city , is a community of great heritage.   With emphasis on tourism as its main economic driving force, the city enjoys a superior residential quality of life enhanced by a unique architectural history and an ambience whis is preserved to attract the arts, culture and a flourishing downtown business sector.  St. Augustine is surrounded by thriving, modern communities which recognize the importance of the historic downtown to overall economic vitality.

Please click HERE to read more about the process and review the 95 plan.