Neighbors attend Vision Workshop

Some of your neighbors were in the audience when the Commission discussed the Vision Process.   Commissioner Horvath began by saying that we want a shared vision and balance between  constituencies.

Leanna Freeman had four priorities:

  1. Focus on Underground Utilities, starting with the entrance corridors.  It is good for residents and business.
  2. Improve pedestrian flow with a long-term plan.   Address the peak periods making it easier to live here during those times.
  3. Improve our green programs.
  4. Support business and not for profits, things like homelessness are not going away.  She also included the Arts and Historic preservation in this focus area.

Nancy Sikes-Kline listed:

  1. Create a master plan for historic preservation.
  2. Respond to our citizens; government that is open and transparent and responds to our residents
  3. Address congestion and make things safer for pedestrians, bicycles and freight movement.
  4. A sustainable city, we are only successful if we are a livable city with a balance between visitors and residents and business.

Don Crichlow said:

  1. he was disappointed in the direction of the city.  He said we had an architectural plan, not a historic plan and that we needed to represent all architectural styles not just Colonial.
  2. He said we need a livable city.  We need to maintain the city for its residents.  He indicated we a inching toward a theme park.

Mayor Boles said his priority was finding revenue sources that do no rely on ad valorem taxes. He felt there must be other ways to tax visitors.

His conversation then shifted to what had been done 20 years ago on the Vision and what the process should look like now.  He felt that the primary leaders of that effort could help to educate the Commission.  They were former Mayor Baker and Flagler Hospital Executive Gordy.

There was an extensive discussion about the impact of the Sunshine Law in gathering input and involving lots of people.  There was a consensus that a professional Facilitator would be needed for the process. It was suggested that a grassroots process involving residents and businesses was the way to go.

Leanna Freeman suggested holding two more meetings before year-end to keep things moving.   Roxanne Horvath said the goal was to have a final product finished by 2015 as a kind of  Birthday Present for the City.

The next meeting is targeted for November 4th, to be confirmed later.  Look for a date and how you can get involved.


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