Neighborhood Assoc Meeting 10/22/2013 Minutes

Becky Greenburg, President, welcomed everyone back from the summer and to our first meeting of the year. She also welcomed the new neighbors who were attending:

Bev Carmichael- Valencia Street

Sidney and Sean Forrest -Saragossa

Bonnie Hayfleck and Bill Kolar – Valencia

Pam Versaggi – Valencia 

Kate Coast introduced the Association’s new website and new

Facebook page

 The evening’s special guest was City Commissioner Roxanne Horvath who spoke to the  group about the upcoming process to review and update the 1995 Vision Plan for the City.   Ms. Horvath made the Vision Plan a main portion of her platform in her run for the Commission seat in 2012.  She sees the completion of the Plan as a gift to the City for the 450th anniversary; one that will look to the next 20 years in areas affecting all aspects of the city. Ms. Horvath sees 5 main elements that will be covered in the Plan: 1. Historical Resources, 2. Economic Development, 3. Quality of Life, 4. Arts & Culture, and 5. Governance.  These main areas would also address cross-cutting priorities of public safety, traffic, etc.

Pat Reilly has been very involved with the City’s process to date and is seeking greater resident involvement from the Flagler Model Land Company neighborhood.  Attending neighbors received a survey/questionnaire to help think about some of the pressing concerns as residents.   The survey can also be completed on-line at the FMLCNA website.

Mary Lavoie reported on the very successful year of fundraising and supporting our community by the neighborhood association.  Attending last night’s meeting was Mrs. Michelle Moore, Volunteer Coordinator for Ketterlinus Elementary School.  Mrs. Moore was presented a check for $500. from the Association and an anonymous donor in support of the school’s “Raise the Roof with Books” fundraiser.  If anyone else would like to donate money or their time to the school, please contact Mrs. Moore at Michelle.Moore@stjohns.K12.FL.US

This year’s neighborhood holiday party will be Dec. 16 at Markland House.  This year’s program is going to be wonderful – with madrigal singers including local favorite Elisabeth Williamson of The Driftwoods.  This year’s holiday fundraising recipient will be the Wildflower Clinic who provide free medical and dental services to those unable to qualifying St. John’s County residents.