Mobility Workshop – Still accepting feedback

Thanks to all who attended the workshop – we had a very productive conversation on those landscape and mobility issues as they affect our neighborhood. IMG_2208 IMG_2209 We will accept comments to the following questions until August 18th to be included in those presented to the City for the Mobility Initiative.  Please send your comments to

  1. What characteristics need to be retained to keep the distinct character of Flagler Model Land Co. National Historic District?
  2. What is the biggest mobility problem in our neighborhood
  3. What “Quick Fixes” would improve mobility in our neighborhood?
  4. What are your ideas on improving mobility in the city overall?
  5. What are your ideas on improving traffic in our neighborhood?
  6. What are your ideas on improving parking?
  7. How can pedestrian mobility be improved?
  8. What changes do you NOT want to see happen
  9. Additional concerns, comments & suggestions.