Do you oppose the 7-Eleven development?

If so, you probably saw that the City issued a permit to begin the project.  There are still safety concerns related to the turning radius and congestion.  If you are so inclined, read the letter and send emails to the individuals listed. 

Send E-mails to:
Greg Evans, FDOT District 2 Secretary
Connie Walker, Maintenance Permit Manager,
John Regan, City Manager 
Nancy Sikes Kline, Vice Mayor & Chair of the North Florida TPO,
Senator JohnThrasher, Florida District 6
Representative Doc Renuart, Florida District 17
  1. Dear ,

    As you are aware, the above-referenced 7-Eleven development is within the Nelmar Terrace subdivision in St. Augustine, Florida. The project is bordered by two FDOT roads, which form a key and often congested intersection along the entrance corridor to St. Augustine and also serve as an evacuation route for Vilano Beach. We are concerned about the impact that this proposed project will have not only to our neighborhood, but also to the safety and efficiency of the traveling public. This letter does not outline all of our considerable concerns with this project, as we have identified those throughout the application process. Instead, we have focused on specific items from the developer’s most recent application that warrant further discussion.

    The most recent August 1, 2014, submittal raises several safety issues that do not seem to be consistent with the FDOT Driveway Information Guide or the ITE Land Use Code. We have summarized these below:

    • In February 2014 FDOT required safety standards of a recommended 30’ driveway width and 35’ turning radii. The latest proposal shows relaxed standards in order to accommodate the developer’s request to meet applicable city code. What would be the basis to relax these previously recommended safety standards?

    • Changing the turning radius in mid arc changes the functionality of either a 50’ or 20’ radii as recommended in the above-referenced documents. How will this impact safety and traffic flow?

    • This blended radii will force fuel and delivery trucks into oncoming traffic on San Marco Avenue and into exiting traffic from the proposed 7 Eleven. This is clearly shown in the attached truck tracking drawing, which is for a 25’ radius. Would not narrowing the radius to 20’ create even more problems? How will these truck traffic patterns affect vehicular traffic at this driveway?

    • How will traffic flow on San Marco Avenue and May Street (A1A) be affected by large vehicles trying to navigate all three of the driveways of this latest proposal?

    • The ingress/egress on May Street, as well as San Marco Avenue, will be used by vehicles pulling boat trailers up to 34 feet in length. Our experience with boat trailers makes us believe they will have a negative impact on the traffic pattern. We would like to see the auto-turn exhibit for boat traffic utilizing both entrance and exits onto the proposed project.

The traffic problems that will be generated by this proposed project will have a negative effect on the safety of this already problematic intersection. While there are other commercial uses for this property that would not have the same type of vehicular traffic, a large scale gas station with twelve proposed fueling stations would require a driveway width and turning radius larger than city code allows at this location. St. Augustine’s Entry Corridor Design Standards were incorporated into city code several years ago specifically to preclude such high traffic, large scale developments in this pedestrian friendly corridor.

We ask that no permits are issued for this project until these safety and traffic concerns are addressed, as they affect not only our neighborhood, but all residents and visitors that use San Marco Avenue and May Street as major entry corridors into St. Augustine and as an evacuation route from the barrier island.