Neighborhood Assoc Meeting 10/22/2013 Minutes

Becky Greenburg, President, welcomed everyone back from the summer and to our first meeting of the year. She also welcomed the new neighbors who were attending:

Bev Carmichael- Valencia Street

Sidney and Sean Forrest -Saragossa

Bonnie Hayfleck and Bill Kolar – Valencia

Pam Versaggi – Valencia  Continue reading

City’s Unidirectional Flushing Program

The city is implementing a common utility maintenance procedure called ‘flushing’. It involves opening specifically-selected fire hydrants under controlled conditions to scour the inner surface of water distribution pipes.  Your water at the tap or hydrant may appear discolored during this program.  Continue reading

Fall Neighborhood Meeting

SAVE THE DATE: Neighborhood meeting! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Program begins at 7:00 pm  (but come early)
Markland House, 102 King Street

Commissioner Roxanne Horvath will discuss the visioning process for the city.  For more information on the public involvement meetings and to read the original 1995 document and updates – please click here

Vision Plan for the City

Think of a “what if” game.   What if you could design our city for the future? What if you could determine the approaches to be used to run the city, establish priorities and outline just what is important to residents who make this their home.  Please take our survey under “HOME” to tell the Association what you think.  Continue reading